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Extracting kext files from MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.9Intel.dmg

After some research I figured out how to extract the kext's from the OSX update. It may not be the most elegant solution, but it should work for anyone who needs to grab their kext's from the update (ie: if you don't have an OSX machine). Apple's man pages for pax were somewhat helpful, if cryptic: [1]

After downloading the update from Apple, here are the steps I used

hdiutil attach MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.9Intel.dmg
cd ~
mkdir kexts
cd kexts
gzip -cd /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ 10.4.9\ Combined\ Update\ \(Intel\)/MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.9Intel.pkg/Contents/Archive.pax.gz | pax -r *.kext 

You should end up with a directory called "kexts" in your /Users/frontrow dir which contains a hierarchy of directories from the update. Within this hierarchy should be all of the kext's. From here I copied the kext's I needed, like so:

sudo mount -uw /
cd System/Library/Extensions
sudo cp -rp smbfs.kext /System/Library/Extensions
sudo mount -ur /

Hopefully this will help others. I'm no OSX expert, so feel free to update this with your own refinements.