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**MINE WAS FINE: Just so people with PPC Mac's know -- I have connected the Apple TV drive to my Power PC (Dual G5) and re-installed that into my Apple TV. Boots and plays files fine, ssh working as well (used openssh since I don't have an intel mac) Other should post some successes in here as well since this is one occurrence and seems to be a anomaly.*** - Zerostar

Mine has been connected to both a PowerBook G4 and a Dual G5. No issues. -mrfett

Worked for me just fine (dual g5) -pin

Worked for me iMac g5 - arn636

Worked for me on my Mac mini G4 -bjdraw

Worked on my PowerBook G4 without any problem. - jsh

Just wanted to report another success w/ using a Dual G5 - kazoolist