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I just got this working on a verison of AppleTV running on a MacMini. Thanks so much. This is great and a real good step in the right direction. Is there anyway to change the default location that ATVFiles looks for files besides /users/frontrow/movies/  ? I have a collection of xvid/divx files that require more space than is on my internal hard drive and adding an alias to its location doesn't work.

Thanks for the great work!!!

You can mount drives from the terminal to point to other places. ATVFIles doesn't seem to get on with simlinks though.

I just downloaded SymbolicLinker [1] which adds a "Make Symlink" to the contexual menu (right click). I place this file in the /Users/FrontRow/Movies folder and success. ATV Files was able to access all my xvid files on an external HD.

I know you don't have plans to release the source code, but could you maybe update your Appliance101 guide with instructions on how to display images. I have been trying to figure it out, but it is hard to understand what I can/can't do just reading the private headers. I would love to try and help out documenting the headers, and such so that full plugin development can take off. Thanks - kupan787 (4/7)

Can we get ATVfiles to automatically start playing the next file if there are only music files within a folder? You know, for playing albums etc. etc.?

I just installed the latest release (0.2.1) on my intel mac running apple tv. i am unable to browse any files on it. The previous symlinks show up (i.e. TV) and it will let me select it, but instead of showing me what is in the folder, it's just screen with the selection bar on the right of the screen on an empty item. For example: Before I would goto Files--->TV---->TV show 1  ; now it's Files--->TV--->[blank item] Nothing shows up. Anyone else with this problem?

Great plug-in!

Great plug-in....

not only does it add an enormous feature in its own right! It also has gobs of possibilities as a starting point for other projects. I guess this is why so many people have been looking for the source code. Don't rule out the 'cooca hackers' of the world... You know, people who are at the point where they might not **fully grasp** all the principals behind cocoa but at the same time still have enough in the way of skills to modify existing code and make it do something fresh and new.

Ideas I'd love to see somewhere before ATVFiles v99.9 :)

Ability to:

- define extensions to be shown (done I think) - define a PROCESSOR for said extensions.

Think of the probabilities

Sure .avi could be played with VLC or MPLAYER Sure .iso (dvd image files) could also be by VLC

These are obvious...

How about this now...

items in folders that end in .arcade get played with the command-line mame for OS X items in folders that end in .nes get played with the command-line nes emulator for OS X items in folders that end in .snes get played with the command-line snes emulator for OS X

Tons more examples could be shown but you get the idea....


What is the current 'outlook' on launching a 3rd party app (like mame) from WITHIN the FRONT-ROW2 environment. (aka via an .appliance)



Covers and artwork: If there is a cover artwork inside a folder (cover.jpg), it would be nice that ATVFiles displays this cover art for all the files in that folder, which don´t have an own artwork.

Thanks! oorosh

Nice idea but maybe it would be better to call the image 'placeholder.jpg' it would be more clear what the image was used for... or maybe 'default.jpg' but yea I do like the idea it would be a big time saver.

This feature would be very handy for browsing TV Series or music albums.

AC3 Passthru

Awesome application - combined with the Perian Code and A52 Codec. Just waiting to get 5.1 Dolby Digital Out of the system. Any idea of release of ATVFile ver 0.3 ?

Restart Finder

Restart Finder with only one command:

 kill `ps awx | grep [F]inder | awk '{print $1}'`

Create Cover-Preview from Moviefile Screenshot

I used the mplayer from nitoTV Plugin (nitoTV.frappliance/Contents/Resources/mplayer) and copied it to /usr/bin. Now you can create screenshots from the commandline. The following command creates a 00000001.png file, scaled to 400 pixel width with correct aspect ratio:

 mplayer -ss 20 -frames 1 -vf scale=400:-2 -vo png Movies/filename.mp4
  • 20: take screenshot after 20 seconds of movie file
  • 400: screenshot(00000001.png) width 400 pixel
  • Movies/filename.mp4: movie file to take a screenshot from

This could be used to create preview-covers for movies like iTunes does. Works with most movie formats/codecs.

The following bash script creates missing covers (only checks for .png) by taking a screenshot from 20 seconds after start of all movie files in /Users/frontrow/Movies/:

 extensions="avi mov mp4 mkv mpeg mpg"
 for ext in $extensions 
   for file in $path*.$ext
     base=$(echo $file | sed -e "s/\....$//")
     if [ -s "$file" -a ! -s "$base.png" ]
       echo "Create Cover: $file"
       /usr/bin/mplayer -really-quiet -ss $seconds -frames 1 -vf scale=$width:-2 -vo png:z=1 "$file"
       mv 00000001.png "$base.png"

Subfolder for covers

Would it be possible to have an option in a future version that reads cover art/metadata XMLs in from a folder (named Covers or something) instead of having them in the main movie directory? I'm not a big fan of all the clutter in the root share...

Now it's like this:


If it could be like this:


ProfessaFresh 19:11, 24 May 2007 (CEST)


The problem I see with this is as follows...

I have a lot of TV series on disc. (ripped from DVD) and I organize them as follows.

File/Folder Structure:

~/TV/Lost/Season1/01.mp4 .. 24.mp4
~/TV/Lost/Season2/01.mp4 .. 24.mp4
~/TV/Lost/Season3/01.mp4 .. 24.mp4
~/TV/Stargate/SG1/Season1/01.mp4 .. 24.mp4
~/TV/Stargate/SG1/Season2/01.mp4 .. 24.mp4
~/TV/Stargate/SG1/Season3/01.mp4 .. 24.mp4
~/TV/Stargate/Atlantis/Season1/01.mp4 .. 24.mp4
~/TV/Stargate/Atlantis/Season2/01.mp4 .. 24.mp4
~/TV/Stargate/Atlantis/Season3/01.mp4 .. 24.mp4

Doing something like you suggest would be a disaster for people who have their collections laid out in a similar manor.



I am working on a way to add both of these use case scenarios to the mediagrabber ('join subdirs not containing media to title' (dave) and 'subdir is media' (prof)), as well as the number of dir levels to process.

You can then use them in both modes to get covers for stargate (subdir is media, 1 level from ~/TV -- to get the stargate cover) and the shows themselves (join subdirs as media, 0(all) levels from ~/TV -- Name/Series/Season becomes 'Name Series Season' and the cover/metadata is stored in Season/ or whatever dir contains the endpoint media). Prof's case would be process subdirs as media, 1 maybe 0 levels.

The only thing required is that Eric supports cover.xml to go along with cover.jog :)