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I just got this working on a verison of AppleTV running on a MacMini. Thanks so much. This is great and a real good step in the right direction. Is there anyway to change the default location that ATVFiles looks for files besides /users/frontrow/movies/  ? I have a collection of xvid/divx files that require more space than is on my internal hard drive and adding an alias to its location doesn't work.

Thanks for the great work!!!

You can use symlinks (created from Terminal) to point to other places. --EricIII 23:58, 6 April 2007 (CEST)

How to: Symlink

ln -s /path/to/original /path/to/alias


mount_afp afp://barry:mypassword@ ~frontrow/Movies/nixon

mount_afp afp://barry:mypassword@ ~frontrow/Movies/silver

Will mount my main and external drives under the Movies folder where ATVFIles will find it.

Obviously enter your own ID and password on your machine which has all the files. Nixon is the name of my computer's main hard disk, and silver the external. For some unknown reason the AppleTV seems to have problems with mountpoints with capital letters in them, so make sure you give your mount point a lower case name (i.e. silver not SIlver)

You might want to try adding this to your rc.local file to make it happen every time you reboot. So:

sudo echo "mount_afp afp://barry:mypasword@ ~frontrow/Movies/nixon">>/etc/rc.local

that adds the first line to the end of the rc.local file which is run everytime the system boots.