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What follows is a step by step guide for upgrading an AppleTV to Take 2.0, and not the latest version (which at the time of this writing is 2.0.1). This can be applied to other versions as well, with the appropriate modifications to the version.xml file and the appropriate update files.

Read Me First

This guide was initially made for the take 2.0 update, but has now been updated to apply to the 2.1 update. This is untested with the 2.1 update changes, but there is no reason it should not work. Feel free to comment here if this works successfully.

In addition, it is recommended to download most of these files through the terminal to be certain to preserve the formatting.

While creating the folders just curl the items into them:

curl -O http://mesu.apple.com/data/OS/061-5044.20080709.de43E/2Z694-5485-1.dmg.signature

while in your /data/OS/061-5044.20080709.de43E/ folder would download that particular file into the proper location.


Hacked AppleTV

First hack your AppleTV to contain software prior to 2.1. This can be done by restoring (if your AppleTV is old enough) if yours is currently running 2.0.1.


You will need a webserver running on a computer where you can put arbitrary files. I turn on web sharing on my mac, and placed the appropriate files within /Library/WebServer/Documents/

Update Files

You will need the take 2 update files. These can still be downloaded directly from Apple. The files you need are:

* http://mesu.apple.com/data/OS/061-5044.20080709.de43E/2Z694-5485-1.dmg
* http://mesu.apple.com/data/OS/061-5044.20080709.de43E/2Z694-5485-1.dmg.signature
* http://mesu.apple.com/data/EFI/061-3046.20080212.U7tgG/AppleCapsule.efi
* http://mesu.apple.com/data/EFI/061-3046.20080212.U7tgG/AppleCapsule.efi.signature
* http://mesu.apple.com/data/EFI/009-7567.20080212.Vc45T/LOCKED_ATV11_00DA_00B.scap
* http://mesu.apple.com/data/IR/061-3045.20080708.Aq12D/IRReceiverUpdaterTool2
* http://mesu.apple.com/data/IR/061-3045.20080708.Aq12D/IRReceiverUpdaterTool2.signature
* http://mesu.apple.com/data/IR/694-5484.20080708.hnji4/irrxfw-0x0244.irrxfw
* http://mesu.apple.com/data/SI/061-3618.20080212.Pk8Bn/hdmiutil
* http://mesu.apple.com/data/SI/061-3618.20080212.Pk8Bn/hdmiutil.signature
* http://mesu.apple.com/data/SI/061-3617.20080212.Qvh6u/FW29050_20080205_dse_hex.sihex
* http://mesu.apple.com/data/SI/061-3617.20080212.Qvh6u/FW29050_20080205_dse_hex.sihex.signature

The files: http://mesu.apple.com/data/EFI/009-7567.20080212.Vc45T/LOCKED_ATV11_00DA_00B.scap.signature and http://mesu.apple.com/data/IR/694-5484.20080708.hnji4/irrxfw-0x0244.irrxfw.signature are not found on apples servers.This section needs those links fixed -- Sublimespot 21:30, 10 October 2008 (CEST)

turns out those files dont exist, was going on some false assumptions that EVERY file had a supplementary signature file. --Nito 22:19, 10 October 2008 (CEST)

I found the files thanks to this page: http://www.semthex.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2030&start=0&st=0&sk=t&sd=a And curled them as described there. -- mlaun

Placing files in the Web Space

Put the above files in your webserver's space. You will be putting them is the same directories as they appear in their URLs. When properly placed, the directory structure should look like this:

ls -R /Library/WebServer/Documents/data

009-7567.20080212.Vc45T	061-3046.20080212.U7tgG


061-3045.20080708.Aq12D	694-5484.20080708.hnji4

IRReceiverUpdaterTool2	        IRReceiverUpdaterTool2.signature

AppleCapsule.efi		AppleCapsule.efi.signature


2Z694-5485-1.dmg		2Z694-5485-1.dmg.signature

061-3617.20080212.Qvh6u	061-3618.20080212.Pk8Bn

FW29050_20080205_dse_hex.sihex			FW29050_20080205_dse_hex.sihex.signature

hdmiutil		hdmiutil.signature

Create the version.xml

In the webroot (/Library/WebServer/Documents), place a file named version.xml with the following contents:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">
<plist version="1.0">

Redirect AppleTV's Update

Edit the /etc/hosts file on the AppleTV to contain an entry for mesu.apple.com to point at the above mentioned webserver. For example, I put in the following:         mesu.apple.com

Or, if you don't have SSH access to the AppleTV anymore (e.g. because of a restore and you don't have a patchstick for version 1.0), you can instead go for a little URL redirection if you have admin access to your router.

  1. Add a rule to your router to redirect http://mesu.apple.com/version.xml to http://[your local ip address]/version.xml
  2. Modify the version.xml file you created previously and change the URL values from mesu.apple.com to [your local ip address].

AppleTV should now download the 2.1 version from your local server. --Tinna 22:27, 28 November 2008 (CET)

Run update on the AppleTV

At this point, it should update from the files you set up, and not from Apple. This means you can update to software which is not the newest.