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== Screenshots ==
== Screenshots ==
[http://appletv.nanopi.net http://appletv.nanopi.net/Images/All_VD_S.jpg]
=== Beta 4 ===
[http://appletv.nanopi.net http://appletv.nanopi.net/Images/Browser_s.jpg]
[http://appletv.nanopi.net http://appletv.nanopi.net/Images/Browser_s.jpg]

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Sapphire Browser is a plug-in designed to take all the hassle out of managing media collections connected to your AppleTV. Sapphire has the ability to identify TV Shows and Movies* simply by looking at the filename. Once identified, Sapphire will download show/movie* information and cover art (from TVRage /IMDB*/IMPAwards*) turning your stale file list into something worth looking at. Sapphire Browser also has the ability to filter out watched media files from several different directory trees and intuitively display them. Additionally Sapphire allows for marking favorite files that can also be viewed in a filtered menu. Media playback has also been improved allowing the user to fast-forward through shows at a constant (aggregated) rate independent of the file duration.

*Movie Support will be coming soon.

Version Information

Sapphire Beta 4

Sapphire Beta 4 Preview

Sapphire Beta 3 (1.0b3.1)

Sapphire Beta 2

Sapphire Beta 1

Comments and any bug reports would be greatly appreciated. Submit a Report




Beta 4


Beta 3


Beta 2

More screenshots of the UI can be found Here.

Gem Colors

Sapphire uses some gem icons to identify files. Here is a short description on what each color signifies:

File Gems

  • Blue Gems - Mark Unwatched files.
  • Yellow Gems - Mark Favorite files that have already been watched.
  • Red Gems - Mark files that have already been watched and are not favorites.

Directory Gems

  • Blue Gems - Mark directories containing any unwatched files.
  • Yellow Gems - Mark directories with favorite files and no unwatched files.
  • Red Gems - Mark directories that contain files that have been watched and are not favorites.

Cover Art


Sapphire now supports ATVFiles's cover art naming convention.

  • Directories will use an image with the name cover.ext
  • Files will use an image with the name <FileName>.ext

Fetch Tool

Sapphire will also attempt to download cover art (for files only) automatically from TVRage.com. Any cover art that the fetch tool finds will be placed in a directory @ the same level of the file.


If we have the following files:

  • /TV Shows/Rome/Season 1/Rome.S01E01.avi
  • /TV Shows/Rome/Season 1/Rome.S01E02.avi
  • /TV Shows/Rome/Season 1/Rome.S01E03.avi
  • /TV Shows/Rome/Season 1/Rome.S01E04.avi
  • /TV Shows/Rome/Season 1/Rome.S01E05.avi

The Fetch tool will find and make a cover art directory with the following:

  • /TV Shows/Rome/Season 1/Cover Art/Rome.S01E01.ext
  • /TV Shows/Rome/Season 1/Cover Art/Rome.S01E02.ext
  • /TV Shows/Rome/Season 1/Cover Art/Rome.S01E03.ext
  • /TV Shows/Rome/Season 1/Cover Art/Rome.S01E04.ext
  • /TV Shows/Rome/Season 1/Cover Art/Rome.S01E05.ext

Folder Cover Art

Supported Cover Art File Types

Folder cover art for the most part works exactly as it does in ATVFiles. The only difference is that files inside a respective folder will default to the folder's cover art if it doesn't have its own specific (<filename>.ext) to display. This mechanism allows episodes to inherit cover art from two directories above itself.


If we have the following directories:

  • /TV Shows/Heroes/Season 1/cover.ext
  • /TV Shows/Heroes/Season 1/
  • /TV Shows/Lost/cover.ext
  • /TV Shows/Lost/Season 2/

Sapphire will display the respective covers if the directories don't have their own cover art. If a cover.ext doesn't exist the browser will default to the Sapphire icon.

Sapphire Fetch Tool File Formats

To get better results fetching show information from TVRage.com we have chosen to specifically support three typical naming schemes.

  • show.name.S##E##...ext
    • The.Office.S03E11.avi
  • show.name.#x##...ext
    • Heroes.1x22.avi
  • show.name.###...ext
    • Dead.Like.Me.203.avi

For further details see: Sapphire File Naming Conventions

Settings Menu

  • Populate Show Data - This tool is used to preform a search of your /Movies/ directory to gather meta data info.
  • Fetch TV Data - This tool is used to get episode information and episode cover art from TVRage.com.
  • Hide "Favorite Shows" - Removes the Favorite Shows browser from the main menu.
  • Hide "Unwatched Shows" - Removes the Unwatched Shows browser from the main menu.
  • Hide "Hide UI Quit" - Removes the UI reset option from the main menu.
  • Disable Anonymous Reporting - Turns off the anonymous filename reporting (used for debugging and developing future Sapphire features)


Step-by-step instructions on how to install Sapphire on your AppleTV. These instructions assume you have already patched your AppleTV using one of the methods described on this wiki (EX: Patchstick/Testing).