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How to replace Finder

Find on the OSBoot partition. Its in System/Library/CoreServices.

cd /Volumes/OSBoot/System/Library/CoreServices

Rename to Copy in your replacement app and rename it to

cp /<some-path>/

Now, navigate into its Contents/MacOS folder and copy its bin to Finder.

cd Contents/MacOS
cp CenterStage Finder

For me, CenterStage worked with the remote, but failed to play a movie that I placed /Volumes/Media/Scratch/Users/frontrow/Movies

  • Note: The Watchdog issue is not yet resolved, so the system will reboot after a bit.

UPDATE: CenterStage will play mp4, mov, avi(xvid). The trick is to press and hold select when on the movie of choice.

Has someone already tried Equinux MediaCentral? It's currently the only Mac application that's stable enough to be a recommenable replacement for the AppleTV's Finder.