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pubc - For Any iOS device from iOS 7-12 that can run pubg
Current Version: 1.2-1

Release date: Jun 21st, 2019
Current as of: Jun 21st, 2019

Use MFI controllers with pubg.

This project is Copyright © 2018-2019 nito llc. All Rights Reserved.

Written By: Kevin Bradley

Change Log

1.3-5 2019 5 22

  • Update controls from the UI directly now!
  • Experimental right joystick support

1.2-1 2019 5 21

  • Navigation is fully useable now.

1.1-1 2019 5 21

  • Massive improvements in navigation, delays should be gone.

1.0-1 2019 5 20

  • Initial release for iOS


1. Add source in Cydia or Sileo
2. Install pubc (com.nito.pubc)
3. Make sure pubg control settings are in the DEFAULT LAYOUT
4. Pair your MFI controller to your iOS device (yes this works with nControl)
5. Profit

Customizing Controls

The file where the controls are configured in saved in


You can edit it directly on the device with vim or nano.

If you would like to edit the file before installing (if you are building it manually) edit this file

All the available values that can go in each "key" (ie: ButtonA) are listed here

Known Issues

1. some iPad 9.7 Pro button presses not working & Same with iPhone SE

2. The right joystick ... sucks ... (slow, inverted, etc) this is implemented by either:
a) folks at tencent or
b) default boilerplate with Unreal Engine.

Either way, its way past how deep I'm going to dig on a free tweak. Its open source - go nuts. :)

you can override the right joystick in code the same way i do the left but it will just append touch events to what the other one already does. their code doesn't simulate touch events, it sends commands straight to the engine as designed, i haven't the faintest how to do that, if even possible.

Important Note

This only adds support for MFI controllers, this does NOT add support for PS4 / XBox One, etc, controllers. If you want to support those controllers you need to purchase NControl as well. (Hey at least pubc is free AND open source!)

Getting your device / screen size supported


I will need a screenshot with all the available buttons visible, similar to this


Available here