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PUBC - For Any iOS device from iOS 7-12 that can run PUBG
Current Version: 1.5-15

Release date: Jul 9th, 2019
Current as of: Jul 9th, 2019

Use MFI controllers with PUBG.

This project is Copyright © 2018-2019 nito llc. All Rights Reserved.

Written By: Kevin Bradley

Change Log

1.5-23 2016 6 10

  • Fixed a bug where controllers being disconnected would cause the application to completely lock up
  • Better support for recognizing when controllers are connected & disconnected while the game phases between active & inactive.

1.5-15 2019 6 9

  • More improvements to the right joystick implementation, tested with a lot more controllers, seems to work much better.

1.5-1 2019 6 9

  • Massively improved right joystick / navigation control.
  • Pressing and holding (A X Y B) all supported properly now

1.4-* 2019 6 8

  • Controller management bug fixes.

1.3-42 2019 5 24

  • Added two finger double tap in as solution for bringing up control editing menu.

1.3-6 2019 5 23

  • Took out triple tap to bring up control editing menu, was getting triggered to easily when not wanted.

1.3-5 2019 5 22

  • Update controls from the UI directly now!
  • Experimental right joystick support

1.2-1 2019 5 21

  • Navigation is fully useable now.

1.1-1 2019 5 21

  • Massive improvements in navigation, delays should be gone.

1.0-1 2019 5 20

  • Initial release for iOS


1. Add source in Cydia or Sileo
2. Install pubc (com.nito.pubc)
3. Make sure pubg control settings are in the DEFAULT LAYOUT
4. Pair your MFI controller to your iOS device (yes this works with nControl)
5. Profit

Customizing Controls

Tap the menu button, TWO FINGER double tap the screen or press your controllers equivalent of select / start simultaneously to bring up these views:


Experimental Right Joystick is my half baked / shoddy attempt to replace their implementation, Its possible to toggle on and off because its not much better (if better) than their implementation, so i figured i'd make it optional.

Known Issues

1. some iPad 9.7 Pro button presses not working & Same with iPhone SE

2. Navigation isn't perfect - its slightly less experimental and more usable, but not perfect yet.

Important Note

This only adds support for MFI controllers, this does NOT add support for PS4 / XBox One, etc, controllers. If you want to support those controllers you need to purchase NControl as well. (Hey at least pubc is free AND open source!)

Getting your device / screen size supported


I will need a screenshot with all the available buttons visible, similar to



Available here

Donations are very appreciated and will insure this projects future.