Potential Capabilities

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  • Connect a TV tuner for recording
  • Connect USB DVD drive for playback of CDs and DVDs
  • Airport-like base station
  • Flash video support
  • Fileserver
  • Webserver
  • USB printserver
  • Network attached storage
  • Radio streaming player
  • MPDServer
  • Slimserver
  • Cluster node
  • Arcade emulator
  • Run Linux
  • Software Supported: VLC, Firefox, VNC, sshd, ARD
    • for vnc / ARD use normal instructions for vnc kickstart [1] [2] etc
  • Run Joost, making the Apple tv a Joost set-op box
  • Work as an ICE (In Car Entertainment) unit
  • Install Java (this open a new world: applications, games, ...)
  • Parallels + Windows, or native Windows boot (games: original XBox has only 64mb... :) )

Please remember that there is only 256MB RAM available for everything. Servers usually use a lot of memory.