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Installing Plug-ins

To install, just copy the plug-in to /System/Library/CoreServices/ on your Apple TV.

After it's in place on the Apple TV, you need to restart Finder (either with killall Finder if you have killall installed, otherwise use ps awx|grep Finder to get the PID and then kill PID.)

Plug-in Directory (Submit yours here)

We are working on a plug-in that accesses this directory and installs/updates plug-ins online.

Ideas for Plug-ins

(Please comment if you are working on one of these)

Without fully knowing what kind of capabilities are possible, here are some suggested plugins. Someone with some more development knowledge can perhaps update this section letting us know what capabilities we have here (can we run any objective-c code? Can we display anything, or are we limited to the list view?) Can we enable dashboard over the ATVs default finder app? that would take care of many of these small plugins

-- Audio & Video Support: (local)

  • DVD Playback - From VIDEO_TS or ISO image.
  • EyeTV - perhaps the Source of CyTV is a start
  • Camera - Multi-pane web cam viewer.
    • View all your home network web cams in a multi pane security monitor style setup.
  • Camera - Security Camera Video Surveillance
  • Quartz Composer Compositions (.qtz files)
  • Slingbox Player
  • Network Image/Video Player - HTTP image/video sniffer.
    • Displays any image files sniffed off the network as a slide show.
  • Video Diary - Connect an iSight, and make a video diary.
  • Squeezebox - SlimServer Now Playing-plugin
    • Displaying currently playing artist, song, album art etc. Communicate with the SlimServer thru the CLI, telnet to port 9090.

-- Audio & Video Support: (internet)

  • YouTube Popular Video Browser - (possibly available via vodcasts, e.g.
    • Xdog 11:02, 9 May 2007 (EST) I have a youtube plug-in working now. Am preparing to release it soon.
  • Player - Plug-in to list subscriptions & stream videos
  • Netflix streaming rentals.
  • Flickr Plugin, can be configured with a flickr account and play/stream photos just like the synced AppleTV photos.
  • Zattoo Player (probably only works in Switzerland)
  • Joost wrapper of some sort (0.9 already has Apple Remote support)

-- Non-Video Information Display: (local)

  • Calendar
  • System Stats (load, drive space, memory, IP, etc)
  • iCal
  • Address Book - See this unix tool for accessing the OS X addressbook
  • Alarm clock and fall asleep to playlist.
  • Network traffic visualizer.
  • A Network Activity Monitor
  • Norton Commander like file-manager
  • GUI Network share mounter (uses ATV onscreen QWERTZ keyboard)
  • a dialog-alike frappliance - see Plugins/ATVDialog for ideas

-- Non-Video Information Display: (internet)

  • Usenet client plugin
  • Google Earth plugin.
  • BitTorrent client
  • Ebay item watcher plugin.
  • RSS Reader
  • Stocks
  • Simple Web Browser (based on webkit, loads bookmarks, no text input) - See Plugins/SimpleBrowser for some interface suggestions if anyone wants to have a go at implementing
  • Weather Plug-in - Source for a ROKU HD with location entry Can this be ported ??
  • A Dashboard like plugin that accepts multiple dashboard like widgets. (Running actual Dashboard widgets would bring a huge number of existing 'apps'. Dashboard Widgets run in a WebKit view, so this seems like it should be pretty achievable.)

-- Games & Emulators:

  • MAME Loader - List selection of roms to play.
    • Work is being done on this!
  • SNES Loader - List selection of roms to play.

-- Maintaince & Other:

  • A plug-in downloader and maintainer (See Patchstick for more info)
  • Plug-in manager, so that you don't have all yout plugins in the main menu
  • iChat or Jabber
  • Salling Clicker or Romeo
  • Airtunes Adapter/Integration with Movies
  • Adding and Editing Playlists in the BackRow Frontend (later usable on 10.5 Frontrow?)- See Plugins/Playlists for some interface suggestions if anyone wants to have a go at implementing
  • Ability to mirror mac display. View games that you play on your mac on your big screen TV over the network. This would look like death


Proposal: Existing Dashboard Widgets would provide a lot of momentum

A lot of the functionality above (and a huge amount more) could be delivered by enabling existing Dashboard widgets. With the addition of a 'Dashboard' menu item, the user could browse a list of installed widgets, clicking on one would show it centred on the screen.

Pressing << / >> could switch back and forth between installed widgets, rather than require the user to switch back to the Dashboard menu, every time.

This would add a huge amount of functionality, and provide a pretty slick UI in the process; 'most' Dashboard Widgets would look great on an LCD/Plasma around the size of the ATV menu graphics, on the same dark background (perhaps even with a reflection added, for final polish.)

FWIW I'd suggest that a Dashboard plugin would have tremendous pay-off, assuming there are not major complications.


FRAppliance 101 - a great introduction to writing plugins.


ericIII from the AwkwardTV crew has created a plug-in for the Apple TV that, like Sabertooth’s plugin, hooks into the main Apple TV GUI. However, this one plays videos, and sports a (for now, hardcoded) list of .AVI files that are not located in the Media Library.
ApplianceTest Source Code.