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This is the page about Project Patchstick, a 100% legal way to open up the ATV for hacking without having to open the case.

Primary Goals

  • Build our own Darwin kernel that boots on the ATV
  • Build our own sshd (probably dropbear)
  • Install sshd on the ATV, enable it

Secondary goals

  • add more hacks (ericIII's ATVFiles comes to mind)
  • make it work from a (small) USB stick
  • create an image that can be put on a USB-stick even under Windoze (the no-brain-needed part)
  • install wget (or similar) to simplify installation of further features
  • ...

Steps to be taken

  • get a homebrew Darwin kernel to boot up
  • build boot scripts that upload the sshd binary to the ATV, and enable it
  • ...