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The intel /usr/bin/passwd binary is not on the AppleTV box by default.

To change the default password from 'frontrow' to something else follow these instructions.

  1. Enable ssh
  2. From an intel mac, copy the passwd binary.
    sudo scp -1 /usr/bin/passwd
  3. From the Apple TV, move the passwd binary to the appropriate folder.
    sudo mv ~/Desktop/passwd /usr/bin/
  4. Type passwd to change your password

Be warned... After changing the password and rebooting, it is now prompting for the user frontrow's password. If you have not have keyboard support then you will not be able to continue the logon process and other services also do not start yet.

Any suggestions to having the auto login to work after the password change?

I haven't tried this but:

  1. Enable_Remote_Desktop_(VNC) Enable VNC
  2. Install_System_Preferences Install System Preferences
  3. Use VNC to access System Preferences as you would on normal OS X and navigate to Accounts to change the password

An alternative to changing the password is disabling SSH password access and using a key to login.

  1. Create an ssh key and copy it to .ssh/authorized_keys in the home directory for user "frontrow"
  2. Edit /etc/sshd_config
  3. Change "#PasswordAuthentication yes" to "PasswordAuthentication no" (uncomment and change "yes" to "no")
  4. Change "#UsePAM yes" to "UsePAM no" (uncomment and change "yes" to "no")