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What is osputil

osputil is a command-line program to control the LED. It is located at /usr/bin/osputil.


Usage: osputil:
               -v, --verbose
               -g, --getState=<m>
               -s, --setState=<m>:<n>
               -c, --clearState=<m>
               -l, --setLED=<l>:<b>
               -f, --setFan=<m>
               -z, --zapNVRAM

       m is one of:
               0: kOSPResetReason      state is an OSPResetReason determined by combining NVRAM, IR micro, and RTC state
               1: kOSPRemote   state is 0/1 indicating a remote-triggered reset
               2: kOSPBootCount        state is an integer [0-15] indicating the boot count value
               3: kOSPNVRAMMaxBootAttempts     state is an integer [0-15] indicating the maximum allowed number of boot attempts (stored in NVRAM in max-boot-attempts)
               4: kOSPNVRAMResetReason state is an OSPResetReason indicating the value stored in NVRAM in os-reset-reason

       n is one of the values indicated above; when n is an OSPResetReason, it is one of:
               1: kOSPUserReset        user-initiated reset (magic key pressed)
               2: kOSPFailedToBootReset        EFI-initiated reset (repeated panics or errors)
               3: kOSPUpdateReset      reset to update the OS
               4: kOSPFactoryRestoreReset      user requested a factory restore from the settings menu

       l is one of:
               3: kOSPLEDAmber
               4: kOSPLEDWhite
               5: kOSPLEDBrightness
               6: kOSPLEDError blink white and amber

       b is one of:
               0: kOSPOff
               1: kOSPOn
               2: kOSPBlink    not supported for kOSPBrightness or kOSPLEDError