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nitoTV take 4 - For AppleTV 4G Take 4
Current Version: 2.1-1

Release date: Feb 25th 2018
Current as of: Fed 25th 2018

nitoTV is an third-party installer that currently only supports installing applications that would never make it onto the App Store. In the future there will be more tweaks available similar to Cydia for other iOS devices. But for now, this is what we got.

This appliance is Copyright © 2007-2018 nito llc. All Rights Reserved.

Change Log

2.1 2-25-18

  • Update all bug fixed
  • Filter out virtual packages from installed list
  • Fixed upgrade / reinstall bug in modified menu
  • Fixed settings reboot / respring mix up
  • Added a check for if mobile substrate is running, that will automatically kick start it and respring.

2.0 2018-02-09

  • Too many changes to list! New featured section, Updates Section, Sources Section, powered by apt + dpkg now

1.0 2016-03-31

  • Initial Release, Installing application packages is all that is currently supported..

Install Instructions

tvOS 10.2.2

Step 1: Download greeng0blin

Step 2: Plug your 4th generation AppleTV into your computer via a USB-C cable

Step 3: Make sure you have a developer account with apple, you can get one for free (your on your own to figure that out!)

Step 4: Download Cydia Impactor

Step 5: Drag the greeng0blin ipa into Cydia Impactor

Step 6: Click start

You will almost definitely get some error related to plist files, i dont remember the exact error, this error is fine and expected behavior (it happened every time for me) check your AppleTV to see if its installed

Step 7: Run greeng0blin, this could take anywhere from 1 - 30+ tries to work.

tvOS 9 / 10.1


Step 1: Jailbreak your Apple TV 4 per instructions tvOS 9. or tvOS 10

Step 2: Download nitoTV 4 Installer

Step 3: Open with a right click (its not sandboxed or codesigned, sorry I still need to renew my dev account)

Step 4: Choose your AppleTV from the Popup menu (this is populated by AirPlay so that needs to be on)

Step 5: Press 'Install Payload' and wait for it to finish, once completed nitoTV should be installed and launchced automatically.

Windows / Linux

Step 1: Jailbreak your Apple TV 4 per instructions tvOS 9. or tvOS 10

Step 2: Discern the ip address of your AppleTV (Settings - > Network -> IP Address)

Step 2: On your computer, use your favorite SSH client (Putty for windows, linux im sure you have one) to SSH into your Apple TV4. The default password is "alpine".

   ssh root@YOUR_IP_ADDRESS

Step 3: Change your password (if you haven't already)! Type:-


Step 4: To install NitoTV and restart AppleTV app, type:-

   rm nitoInstaller*
   chmod +x nitoInstaller

Step 5: Enjoy :)

Known Bugs

None yet.

Update Priorities

Ability to install tweaks and not just Applications

Additional Notes

There will be more information added to this page pending my time to think of it, or do it.

nitoTV multi purpose blog

Official Website

official nitoTV and associated repositories

Installing IPA's without AppSync

nitoTV + uicache must already be installed from the steps above, or this will NOT work.

Below is an example script I hacked together to make an IPA file into a tar.gz payload, subsequently SCP'ed over and extracted onto your AppleTV, with uicache run at the end. Please keep in mind your IPA file must already be properly signed for this to work, you're on your own for that. Can use an app like iResign or something. Please don't use this for piracy!!!!

copy the below into a script then 'chmod +x' it, run it for usage help (if you are too lazy to read it as you copy it!!)


usage ()
   echo " "
   echo          "usage: install_ipa app.ipa <AppleTV IP address>"
   echo " "
   echo          "Convert ipa file to a tar.gz file and install it on 'AppleTV IP address'"
   echo          "    "
   echo      "     "
   echo          "EXAMPLE"
   echo ""
   echo          "% install_ipa my_app.ipa apple-tv.local"
   echo " "
   echo "---------"
   echo ""
   echo "Input Error: You must enter an ipa file (preferably without special chars or spaces) and an IP address or hostname of the AppleTV you want to install it on."
   echo " "


# if there aren't two arguments display usage and exit

if [ $# != 2 ]; then

echo $NAME
mkdir -p $APP_FOLDER
unzip -o $1
#enter Payload
pushd Payload
#find app
APP=$(find . -name '*.app')
echo "$APP"
#move app to app folder
mv "$APP" "../${APP_FOLDER}"
pushd "${NAME}_PKG"
tar cpz -P --exclude .DS_Store -f "../${NAME}.tar.gz" private
scp "${NAME}.tar.gz" root@$2:~
ssh root@$2 "tar fxpz ${NAME}.tar.gz -C /"
ssh root@$2 "uicache"

Donations are very appreciated and will insure this projects future.