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nitoTV take 2
Current Version: 0.4a/b
0.4a/b Download Location: direct download
Note: The above link will usually alway download the latest version of NitoTV Take2

Release date: April 5th, 2008
Current as of: April 7th, 2008

Whats new in 0.4a/b? -

This appliance is a front end for the popular mplayer media player ( perian and (Apple's DVDPlayback.framework (if installed) - not working in Take 2 yet?) You can create playlists and add files or folders of your choice. By now it should support just about any media format. Create afp, nfs and samba mounts (with bonjour support) Install the kextloader, a variety of kexts/frameworks/binaries, perian, mplayer codecs, perform the safe update, play nes, snes, genesis, game gear and gameboy advanced roms, view RSS feeds and 3-day Weather forecast, and much much more!

This appliance is Copyright © 2007-2008 nito llc. All Rights Reserved.

Read me First

Just getting this page started, its going to be a bit barren at first, this page will mainly exist to have information that is only relevant to the take 2 version of nitoTV.

Nito TV Take2 is compatible or at least works with AppleTV 2 and 2.01 - as long as you have enabled SSH access etc to allow the install.

For information and help with NitoTV Take 2 read this forum post -

Known Issues

POD and emulators don't work in full take 2. This is a problem with missing AppleScript components. The following are all missing and i THINK they are all necessary to restore scripting fucntionality.


NOTE: These MUST be grabbed from ATV OS 1.x or an Intel Mac running 10.4.x! Leopard files will NOT work.


During playback you can toggle between keymaps for the controller by pressing and holding menu.

The current keymaps are as follows (during playback)

(NOTE: this only applies to mplayer playback)

These commands can be changed by editing the controls.plist file in ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/nito/ - in the frontrow folder - not the system folder --BonesSK 00:44, 8 April 2008 (CEST)--BonesSK

keymap 1:

left : rewind 10 seconds
right : fast forward 10 seconds
hold left : previous item in the playlist (if applicable)
hold right : next item in the playlist (if applicable)
up : increase volume
down : decrease volume
play/pause : play or pause

keymap 2:

left : rewind 60 seconds
right : fast forward 60 seconds
hold left : rewind 600 seconds
hold right : fast forward 600 seconds
up : move a subtitle up
down : move a subtitle down
play/pause : toggle on screen display

keymap 3:

left : sub_delay -0.1
right : sub_delay +0.1
hold left :sub_select
hold right : switch_audio
up : audio_delay +0.100
down : audio_delay -0.100
play/pause : show file name

Donations are very appreciated and will insure this projects future.