NitoTV Take 2

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nitoTV take 2
Current Version: 0.4a/b
0.4a/b Download Location: direct download
Note: The above link will usually alway download the latest version of NitoTV Take2

Release date: April 5th, 2008
Current as of: April 7th, 2008

Whats new in 0.4a/b? -

Read me First

Just getting this page started, its going to be a bit barren at first, this page will mainly exist to have information that is only relevant to the take 2 version of nitoTV.

Nito TV Take2 is compatible or at least works with AppleTV 2 and 2.01 - as long as you have enabled SSH access etc to allow the install.

For information and help with NitoTV Take 2 read this forum post -

Known Issues

POD and emulators don't work in full take 2. This is a problem with missing AppleScript components. The following are all missing and i THINK they are all necessary to restore scripting fucntionality.


NOTE: These MUST be grabbed from ATV OS 1.x or an Intel Mac running 10.4.x! Leopard files will NOT work.