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== Planned Features ==
== Planned Features ==
* Switch Pro controller support (in progress, 90% done)
* L3/R3
* L3/R3
* Generic Controller Support with UI mapping interface
* Generic Controller Support with UI mapping interface

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nControl - For AppleTV 4G Take 4 and Any iOS device from iOS 7-12
Current Version: 1.0-1

Release date: Mar 15th, 2019
Current as of: Mar 15th, 2019

Use Sony Dual Shock 4 / Slim, XBox One, Evo VR Pro / Mini controllers and Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers in any application that supports MFI controllers. Including emulators like Provenance.

This project is Copyright © 2018-2019 nito llc. All Rights Reserved.

Written By: Kevin Bradley & Luca Todesco

Change Log

1.0-1 2019 03 15

  • Initial release for tvOS and iOS

Install Instructions


Currently it is only possible to buy the tweak from my Patreon account. I plan to have a standalone paypal option in a day or so. In the (hopefully) near future the nitoTV store will launch and purchase will be possible directly on device, at that point the patreon and paypal options will be shuttered in favor of the app store installation.


It is available through Cydia (and presumably Sileo) on chariz repo


1. Open the nControl application.
2. Put your device in pairing mode (each controller has a different method for this)
3. The device should appear in the list momentarily (if it does not the action sheet has options to restart services, its advisable to try those if needed)
4. Select the device from the list after it appears.
5. On tvOS an action sheet will appear choose "Connect Device"
6. on iOS it will take you to another screen with additional details, click the action button in the top right
7. Choose "Connect Device"

Additional Notes

Make sure to unpair your controllers from other devices first, some controllers can be incredibly tempermental and take several tries to get working, the PS4 controller can be known to be somewhat painful to get pairing sometimes.

Using on macOS

You need to jailbreak your mac before using this daemon, instructions can be found here

macOS version is a free bonus for anyone who purchases the iOS or tvOS version. After downloading the file you can run it from any directory (i should package this into an installer that has sa LaunchDaemon, we'll see how popular the mac version becomes if it necessitates that.)

After that any games you have that support MFI controller should now support all the ones nControl does as well. I dont have any MFI games so I haven't thoroughly tested how well it works. But I do know, once jailbroken on Sierra that it does indeed work. Haven't tested in later OSes but no reason it shouldn't.

Supported Controllers

This software works through bluetooth, if you want a controller to be added to the list that is the bare minimum requirement.

  • PS4 / PS4 Slim
  • Xbox One (the newer model with Bluetooth)
  • EVO VR Pro
  • Nintendo Joycon (only the individual controllers, not the composite grip version)
  • EVO VR Controller

Known Supported Games

MFI Games

Special Notes

When pairing with the EVO VR Pro controller, make sure to pair it in 'android' mode by Pressing and hold the EVO VR and X Buttons until the light starts to blink rapidly to enter pairing mode.

Planned Features

  • Switch Pro controller support (in progress, 90% done)
  • L3/R3
  • Generic Controller Support with UI mapping interface
  • Trial version

Known Bugs

  • XBox one controller experiences sticky joystick issues from time to time, still a WIP to try and get this sorted out

Controllers attempted to Support

The following controllers I put an exhaustive amount of time into trying to support without any good results. Therefore they are not likely to get support in the future.

  • PS3 / SixAxis
  • Wiimote


1. Does it support L3 / R3 buttons?

No and in its current form it can't, there is a certain template (so to speak) that constrains us to buttons that don't include the L3 / R3 set. It's something we will certainly explore, but its not on the immediate horizon.

2. Whats with the binary trigger sensitivity?

Same answer as above, which is a reason a new foundation may be needed to address the aforementioned constraints.

3. Does it support iopega controllers?

Not yet, but that has be asked frequently enough that I will order whatever is the most popular version and add support for it in a release in the near future.

4. Does it support fortnite?

No because they have pretty strict jailbreak detection, and to my knowledge nothing exists to circumvent that.

5. Does it support pubg?

Minimally, I think you can move a little bit, but nothing useful is possible. Its possible we could release a tweak to fix this.

6. PS3 / Wiimote support?

I've poured a TON of work into trying to get both of those to work, but to no avail. Controllers for All required BTStack so the custom pairing routines required for both of these controllers wasn't as challenging as implementing everything natively without any code injection or custom blue tooth stacks running. I doubt either of these controllers will see support, I'm open to trying still, but remain skeptical about it happening.

7. Mouse & Keyboard support?

Not currently supported but a really frequent request, so it's definitely on the list of possibilities in future updates.

Additional links

If you want a recentish version of provenance on iOS add my repo to cydia or sileo



Debug logs are available at /Library/Logs/controllersupport-Error.log
A support channel exists on the jailbreak discord server in the #ncontrol room.