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MythTV on AppleTV

For general discution and testing of getting MythTV running on the AppleTV.

How To:

  • Enable SSH on the AppleTV
  • Copy over the App Launcher Plugin
  • Copy over MythTV intel
  • Copy over Fonts /Library/Fonts /System/Library/Fonts ~/Library/Fonts to the same locations on AppleTV
  • Edit the AppList.txt File to point to the MythTV binary file
  • Reboot AppleTV and Enjoy channel surfing.

Video Of MythTV Running on AppleTV

  • Confirmed, This is working for me exactly as described. Content streams jsut fine, and the remote work's perfectly. Dr Omega 05:57, 25 May 2007 (CEST)

A question: What hardware tuner do you use? Is it plugged to Apple-TV USB?

  • Only Mythfrontend works in OSX you need a Mythbackend and tv tuner in a linux box. It does stream the content over the wireless just fine though, and looks good too. I just have a Leadteck card (bout $50) in my file server. Dr Omega 21:49, 25 May 2007 (CEST)

Another question: Another question:Can you please provide the version of MythTV front end you are using, a linked to a precompiled binary would be better?

One more question: I do not have a Mac available, which fonts are opened by MythTV, so I can make fake fonts with the same name and install in the aTV?


Things that work Most everything, Playback, remote, setup screens, ect.

Things that don't (Some might not be configured properly)

  • Default remote configuration doesn't allow pausing. (It passes a space and thus saves the position)
  • Requires osx fonts, As I am not sure of the font's it needs, this has added ~500MB to the drive. (I just copied them all untill I can figure out what ones are needed.)
  • 30-45 second hang when pre-scaling the theme's. (Every launch)
  • Fails rendering the preview clips of recordings.

MythTV Binaries