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MythTV on AppleTV

For general discution and testing of getting MythTV running on the AppleTV.

How To:

  • Enable SSH on the AppleTV
  • Copy over the App Launcher Plugin
  • Copy over MythTV intel
  • Copy over Fonts /Library/Fonts /System/Library/Fonts ~/Library/Fonts to the same locations on AppleTV
  • Edit the AppList.txt File to point to the MythTV binary file
  • Reboot AppleTV and Enjoy channel surfing.

Video Of MythTV Running on AppleTV

  • Confirmed, This is working for me exactly as described. Content streams jsut fine, and the remote work's perfectly. Dr Omega 05:57, 25 May 2007 (CEST)

A question: What hardware tuner do you use? Is it plugged to Apple-TV USB?

  • Only Mythfrontend works in OSX you need a Mythbackend and tv tuner in a linux box. It does stream the content over the wireless just fine though, and looks good too. I just have a Leadteck card (bout $50) in my file server. Dr Omega 21:49, 25 May 2007 (CEST)

Another question: Another question:Can you please provide the version of MythTV front end you are using, a linked to a precompiled binary would be better?

One more question: I do not have a Mac available, which fonts are opened by MythTV, so I can make fake fonts with the same name and install in the aTV?