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MythTV on AppleTV

For general discution and testing of getting MythTV running on the AppleTV.

Primary Goals:

  • To get MythTV running.
    • Preferably from a binary package.
    • Preferably in aTV OS, not a full OSX Install.

Secondary Goals:

  • To enable a USB keyboard in MythTV.
  • To enable the Apple remote in MythTV.


So far I have successfuly:

  • Added a pre-compiled Intel onto the AppleTV.
  • Configured Frontrow to actually launch MtyhTV.
    • As MythTV launches it successfully connects to the SQL server running on the mythbackend.
    • MythTV also see's the primary display of the AppleTV and report's the proper resolution.
    • This is as far as the process goes and no error's are logged.

Further work is needed,to:

  • Successfully get to the main menu.
  • Test video and Audio playback.