Mount a Remote Drive via SMBFS

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This section deals with possible solutions to handle mounting of SMBFS ('Windows shares') on the ATV.

Users familiar with kexts will know from experience that a stock 10.4.7 or 10.4.8 smbfs.kext will not load/link against the ATV kernel.

The current solution is to therefore use a userland smbfs mounter. There are a number to choose from - Sharity 3, DAVE, etc.

Commercial SMB Clients

Not tested for obvious reasons.

Sharity Light

Here follows the procedure to mount windows shares using Sharity Light:

  • Download v1.3 @
  • Unpack (tested on an Intel 10.4.8 system) and edit the Makefile - comment out NextStep section, uncomment OSX section
  • Run make. It will bomb out. cd to nfs, run make, cd .., run make, and test ./shlight
  • sftp shlight to your ATV, to /usr/sbin
  • SSH into the ATV, and mount your drives as frontrow (this is a userland app)
e.g. /usr/sbin/shlight // /Users/frontrow/Movies/MountedShare