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MediaGrabber grabs cover images and metadata for your media files automagically. Just point it at the directory root of your media items and it will scan all subdirectories and download covers and movie/tv/hddvd/etc. info automatically.

You can use it with ATVFiles, and even other platforms such as Vista Media Center's My Videos.

This script can be run on any platform with a php interpreter (windows, linux, osx, or on the ATV directly).

e.g. php mediagrabber.php c:\temp\mymovies DVD

If you want to contribute via paypal as a way to say thank you, that would be appreciated. :)

Version History

v1.5 (kon) - now retrieves XML metadata
             renamed to mediagrabber
             changed license to better reflect intended non-commercial use
v1.4 (kon) - fixed file extension bs
v1.3 (kon) - fixed case sensitive bug
v1.2 (kon) - fixed stripping bug
v1.1 (kon) - added timestamping, usage
v1.0 (kon) - initial release


Feature Requests

Please add any features you would like in this section.

  • Add support for movies with QT file extension (.mov)
  • The script has issues with DVDs from different years e.g. Casino Royale has the wrong cover. The request is to change the default sort on the site to either "Bestseller" or "Release Date". Possibly provide this as an option on the command line as well.
  • Give user the option to select title from multiple hits
  • Use another service for TV (i.e. Yahoo TV)
  • Add support for DVD movies in VIDEO_TS folders