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MediaGrabber grabs cover images and metadata for your media files automagically. Just point it at the directory root of your media items and it will scan all subdirectories and download covers and movie/tv/hddvd/etc. info automatically.

You can use it with ATVFiles, and even other platforms such as Vista Media Center's My Videos.

This script can be run on any platform with a php interpreter (windows, linux, osx, or on the ATV directly).

e.g. php mediagrabber.php c:\temp\mymovies DVD

If you want to contribute via paypal as a way to say thank you, that would be appreciated. :)


  • Paste this into a file called mediagrabber.php.
  • Download a version of PHP
  • Place PHP and this script on your media storage server or the AppleTV
  • Run the script with no parameters i.e. php mediagrabber.php
  • Add command line parameters as required
  • Download the php code @
  • Click the mediagrabber.phps file and then save the contents to mediagrabber.php
  • If necessary run dos2unix on the file
  • An executable for windows users is also available at