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* [[Pre-Requisites]]
* [[Pre-Requisites]]
Apple TV
Torx #8,#10
USB drive enclosure 44pin, 2.5inch
Backup program
Anti-Static Wrist-strap or related (to be safe)
Steady hands
Nerves of steal
Cunning Wit
Access to this web-page
No significant other nagging you or competing for your attention
Jolt / Caffeine gum
If using PC: Intelligence way above the average PC user.
If using Mac: then you are already (obviously) way above the average PC user.

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AwkwardTV Wiki

As you probably know, Apple TV is a set-top box manufactured by Apple. Out of the box, it is enabled to stream digital content from any computer running iTunes. As there is little information about what is going on "under the hood" of the Apple TV, this is a place to collect and share information. This website is dedicated to finding additional uses for the Apple TV by expanding its capabilities.

Especially, users have been wanting to:

   * Stream/sync additional formats (codecs)
   * Increase internal storage
   * Connect external storage
   * Control the Apple TV remotely, e.g. by SSH or ARD 

This wiki is a place for the community to share ideas, discoveries and solutions.

You can find us on IRC: #perian on Freenode. Please feel free to contribute! We are all learners at this stage ;-)




Third party software


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