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*[[Enable AFP Server]] (Personal File Sharing)
*[[Enable AFP Server]] (Personal File Sharing)
*[[Enable WebDAV]] (Personal File Sharing - requires apache)
*[[Enable WebDAV]] (Personal File Sharing - requires apache)
*[[Enable FTP Server]]
*[[Working with ASL]] (Syslog)
*[[Working with ASL]] (Syslog)
*[[Correct Time Zone]]
*[[Correct Time Zone]]

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Welcome to the AwkwardTV Wiki

As you probably know, Apple TV is a set-top box manufactured by Apple. Out of the box, it is enabled to stream digital content from any computer running iTunes. As there is little information provided about what is going on "under the hood" of the Apple TV, this is a place to collect and share information.

This website is dedicated to finding additional uses for the Apple TV by (legitimately) enabling its Potential Capabilities, and is a place for the community to share ideas, discoveries and solutions. It is for informational purposes only. AwkwardTV is not responsible if you void your warranty or damage your device.

Latest News

Note: Some features may be non-operational with semthex's legal kernel recompile.


Plug-ins directory and instructions

FRAppliance_101 - Tutorial for creating new PlugIns

FRScreenSaver_101 - Tutorial for creating screen savers. Please read FRAppliance_101 first.

Advanced BackRow Coding - An Ongoing Series
  1. Introduction To Custom Controls


You can find us on IRC: #awkwardtv on irc.moofspeak.net. Register your Nick

Please feel free to contribute! We are all learners at this stage ;-)



(Please put your projects here-- in categories)

OS Related

Awkward Project Wikis

  • ATVFiles Plugin to play back video files that are not in the Apple TV library.
  • Emulation Efforts to test and tweak compatibility regarding Game Emulation. (work in progress)
  • Install Developer Tools (work in progress)
  • Patch Over Network - Patching AppleTV over the network (without opening case) (work in progress)
  • Enable Internet Sharing (work in progress)
  • Volume control Control the volume (analogue) with the remote control + and - (during playback) (work in progress)
  • HD DVD Playback Enable USB-based XBOX HD-DVD Player to allow regular or HighDefinition DVDs with DVD Player.app

Outside Awkward

How To

Hard Drive Preparation

Alternate Bootstrap

General Software Modifications

OS Mods


  • Uncompress LZSS compressed files like mach_kernel.prelink
  • Connect the Apple TV to a TV with Composite (Monochromatic Picture)
  • Connect the 2.5" IDE drive to a USB/FW bridge without having to remove it, use a M/M 2.5" ide adapter from here
  • Here are some NTSC color bars to use when calibrating your TV.


Does anybody fancy upgrading their RAM using a SMD removal kit? http://www.rsrelectronics.com/sdr_smd1.htm


Third party software

Potential Capabilities

Known Issues

Tried & Working Video

  • 720p Xvid
  • 720p Divx (Perian)
  • MKV with VLC (Coming in perian 1.0 for Quicktime)
  • .vob(DVDrip) with VLC (Menu, subtitles, 5.1 surround working). No skip on network play (802.11g) if you setup a buffer in vlc options.
  • MPEG2 using QT MPEG-2 Component. 720p and 1080i playback was very choppy.
  • WMV using Flip4Mac WMV Import component.
  • .vob on a DVD pl
  • List of file formats working on Apple TV

Wiki documentation