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== Welcome to the AwkwardTV Wiki ==
As you probably know, [http://www.apple.com/appletv/ Apple TV] is a set-top box manufactured by [http://www.apple.com/ Apple]. Out of the box, it is enabled to stream digital content from any computer running iTunes.  As there is [http://www.apple.com/appletv/specs.html little information] provided about what is going on "under the hood" of the Apple TV, this is a place to collect and share information.
This website is dedicated to finding additional uses for the Apple TV by ([[AwkwardTV:General_disclaimer|legitimately]]) enabling its [[Potential Capabilities]], and is a place for the community to share ideas, discoveries and solutions. As such, when you add any '''''comments or questions''''' (not contributions to an informational page) please sign it using the signature button, http://wiki.awkwardtv.org/wiki/skins/common/images/button_sig.png, or four tildes (<nowiki>~~~~</nowiki>).  It is for informational purposes only. '''AwkwardTV is not responsible if you void your warranty or damage your device.'''
== Beginners Guides ==
If you're just getting started and trying to learn how to hack your Apple TV, then checking out the Beginners Guides section is probably the best place to start. This will help the novice get started with hacking the Apple TV, explaining steps in detail. Now in four flavours, we have:
* [[Beginners_Guide_AppleTV2 |A Guide for the Second Generation AppleTV]]. This is for those who want to jailbreak the new AppleTV that Apple released in September 2010.
* [[Beginners_Guide3 |A Guide for 3.x]]. This is for those who want to run the "new" menu system that Apple released in October 2009.
* [[Beginners_Guide2 |A Guide for 2.x]] aka Take 2. This is for those who want to run the menu system that Apple released in February 2008.
* [[Beginners_Guide_for_1.x |A Guide for 1.x]]. This is for those who want to run the "old" menu system prior to Take 2 which was released February 2008.
* [[The Alternative to Hacking |HackMeNot]] or The Alternative To Hacking. Tried hacking and messed it up? Just can't get stuff to work? Or think that it's just too complicated. You can get more from your Apple TV than you think with a few free apps and the correct settings in iTunes.
* [[Automation |Automation]] Mac Only. How to use Applescript to watch a folder for new videos of any type, convert these files to Apple TV format, add them to iTunes, process them and name them neatly.
==How To's ==
* [[How To]] Section covering Hard Drive Preparation and General Software Modifications.
*[[Take 2 Full Update]] - Walkthrough on getting your new AppleTV Take 2 modified with SSH, new codecs, USB support and more
== [[Plugins]] ==
*'''[[Plugins|How to automatically/manually install plugins]]'''
*'''AppleTV Take 2 [[ATV2-Compatible Plugins|Plugin Compatibility List]]'''
*'''AppleTV Take 3 [[ATV3-Compatible Plugins|Plugin Compatibility List]]'''
*[[Plugin Tutorials For Developers]]
*[[FRAppliance 101]] - Tutorial for creating new PlugIns
*[[FRScreenSaver 101]] - Tutorial for creating screen savers. Please read [[FRAppliance_101]] first.
*[[BackRow_2.3]] - Instructions for linking against BackRow 2.3 headers in your PlugIn project.
*[[BackRow_2.3_SDK]] - almost ready to deploy SDK for developing 2.3/2.4 compatible frappliances with XCode 3.1+ on 10.5 Leopard
*[[BackRow_3.0_SDK]] - an update for ATV 3.0 with a template for XCode 3.x
====Advanced BackRow Coding - An Ongoing Series====
# [[Introduction To Custom Controls]]
# [[A Custom Layer Controller]]
#* [[Extra Credit 1: Animations]]
# [[A Downloader Controller]]
*[[BackRow Developers' Kit]] - A Mac OS X application and utilities to aid in creating and debugging new plugins.
*[[Create Environment for stock ATV 1.1 Development with Leopard]] Setting up the development environment in Leopard
*[[Plug-in Developers Note Pad]] - Snippits of information that may help others.
*[http://www.dakaix.com/AQ/ Alan Quatermain Video Tutorials]
*[http://alanquatermain.net/ Alan Quatermain's Site] - for more info and tutorials.
*[http://forum.awkwardtv.org/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=77#p353/ Recursive Menu Controller &  Icons on Menus] - A post by Alan Quatermain in the forum
*[[Leopard Plug-In Method]] - Under Construction?
'''IRC: '''
You can find us on IRC: '''[irc://irc.moofspeak.net/awkwardtv #awkwardtv]''' on '''irc.moofspeak.net'''. [[Register your Nick]]
Please feel free to contribute! We are all learners at this stage ;-)
'''Forum: '''
AwkwardTV project [http://forum.awkwardtv.org/ forums]
* [[Hardware Modification Prerequisites]]
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<!-- please go to http://wiki.awkwardtv.org/wiki/Latest_News to edit -->
''(Please put your projects here-- in categories)''
====OS Related====
* [[Booting from a USB Thumbdrive]] Pre-made 256MB image for testing; small download
* [[Boot.efi Information]] An effort to understand the boot.efi file format
* [[Linux on Apple TV]] Our AppleTV-Linux Resource Guide ''(work in progress)''
* [[Patchstick]] A project to build a Darwin kernel plus tools to have a 100% legitimate way of enabling hacks on the ATV (without opening case) ''(work in progress)''
====Awkward Project Wikis====
* [[ATVFiles]] Plugin to play back video files that are not in the Apple TV library.
* [[ATVFiles Cover Downloader]] Script to download dvd/tv/hddvd cover images and XML metadata for ATVFiles
* [[Streamer]] Streaming Audio player, using [http://www.mplayerhq.hu/ MPlayer].
* [[ATV Loader]] Download and install new appliance plugins, enable and disable SSH and AFP access to your AppleTV.
* [[Applications Menu]] Run any Mac OSX program on AppleTV
* [[ATVTorrents]] A rtorrent controller for AppleTV
* [[NitoTV]] mplayer video playlist, video_ts, iso playback - For AppleTV version 1.0 & 1.1 Only
* [[NitoTV Take 2]] Updated version of NitoTV for Take2 and 2.01 AppleTV - movie, photo, music playback, RSS feeds, Weather and more.
* [[Emulation]] Efforts to test and tweak compatibility regarding Game Emulation. ''(work in progress)''
* [[Install Developer Tools]] ''(work in progress)''
* [[Patch Over Network]] - Patching AppleTV over the network (without opening case) ''(work in progress)''
* [[Enable Internet Sharing]] ''(work in progress)''
* [[Volume control]] Control the volume (analogue) with the remote control + and - (during playback) ''(work in progress)''
* [[HD DVD Playback]] Enable USB-based XBOX HD-DVD Player to allow regular or HighDefinition DVDs with DVD Player.app
* [[VLC Plugin]] A first implementation, lots of bugs..
* [[TorrentFlux-b4rt]] Make your ATV download your torrents & direct links itself.
* [[Transmission on AppleTV]] the best torrent client for any platform
* [[Broadcom HD Decoder]] hardware and software installation
====Outside Awkward====
* [http://www.appletvhacks.net/2007/03/23/apple-tv-harddrive-upgrade-process/ How to upgrade hard drive with GUI tools ($100) or CLI]
* [http://www.engadget.com/2007/03/23/how-to-upgrade-the-drive-in-your-apple-tv/ How to upgrade hard drive using command line. (more pictures)]
* [http://www.macworld.com/2007/03/secrets/appletvharddrive/ Macworld's in-depth (mostly CLI) hard drive upgrade tutorial with pics.]
* [http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=46241 InsanelyMac Apple TV resource compilation]
* [http://www.appletvhacks.net/2007/03/25/apache-running-on-apple-tv/ Apache on Apple TV]
* [http://0xfeedbeef.com/appletv/ Turbo's AppleTV hacks @ 0xfeedbeef.] A wealth of information, especially USB related.
* [http://savvygeek.com/2007/03/27/how-to-turn-your-xbox-into-an-appletv/ How to set up the Apple TV skin for XBMC]
* [http://nightlies.mt-daapd.org/appletv.html Running mt-daapd/Firefly (iTunes server) on ATV]
* [http://atv-bootloader.googlecode.com ATV-Bootloader (a new bootloader for booting standard Linux distributions w/ guides)]
* [http://www.nerdboys.co.za/2008/04/03/apple-tv-take-two-compatible-sapphire-build Download and install Sapphire on Take 2 ATVs]
* [http://calimonk.com/post/1699971457/appletv-fitness-app Proof of concept: showing Google Maps plotted data]
* [[Parts]]
* [[Hardware Profile]]
* [[Sysctl output]]
* [[Various diskutil command results]]
* [[Power Usage]]
* [[Airport Card in MacBook Pro or intel MacMini]]
Does anybody fancy upgrading their RAM using a SMD removal kit?
* [[Apple TV OS 10.4.7]]
** [http://www.awkwardtv.org/virgin-filelist.txt file list of a virgin Apple TV]
** [[List of new files]] compared to stock Mac OS
**[http://www.heroofthe.net/atvdoc/kernel_pieces.html List of files in mach_kernel.prelink] (by n8man)
* [[Boot Process]]
* [[Watchdog]]
* [[osputil]] command-line program to control the LED
* [[screencapture]]
* [[dmesg output]]
* [[Ps output]]
* [[glQuery output]]
* [[kextstat output]]
* [http://www.heroofthe.net/atvdoc/kernel_settings.xml kernel_settings.xml] (by n8man)
* [[Media Library]]
* [http://www.opensource.apple.com/darwinsource/10.4.8.x86/ Open Source 10.4.8 Components] you can install on Apple TV
* [[XML Downloaded By ATV]]
==Third party software==
* [http://www.lynxprojects.com Axie.] Xml metadata and cover art editor for Mac OS X.
* [[Codec Sources]]
* [[Remote Buddy]]
* [[MediaCentral]]
* [[nano]] Excellent, lightweight text editor for scripts and such.
* [[vim]] Another classic text editor.
* [[MacPorts]] suggestions to bootstrap the MacPorts infrastructure natively
* [http://db.xbench.com/merge.xhtml?doc1=219759 Xbench 1.3 Benchmark]
* [[Joost]]
* [[Synergy]] Kebyboard and Mouse control over TCP/IP
* [http://web.mac.com/bgrupczy/iWeb/SeasonPassGetter/SeasonPassGetter.html SeasonPassGetter] Automatically transfer Season Passes from TiVo to iTunes for use with AppleTV
*[[Dropbox]] Cloud Based storage
==Potential Capabilities==
* [[Potential Capabilities]]
==Known Issues==
* [[Connecting drive to PowerPC Mac]] makes drive unbootable (successes reported inside as well)
* [http://www.dougtoombs.com/2007/03/25/apple-tv-and-toshiba-hdmi-green-screen-of-death Apple TV HDMI "Green Screen" bug]
* [http://blog.werecord.net Lists issues I haven't found much discussion on - FYI]
==Tried & Working Video==
* 720p Xvid
* 720p Divx (Perian)
* 1080p using an additional [[Broadcom_HD_Decoder]] hardware
* MKV with VLC (Coming in perian 1.0 for Quicktime)
* .vob(DVDrip) with VLC (Menu, subtitles, 5.1 surround working). No skip on network play (802.11g) if you setup a buffer in vlc options.
* MPEG2 using QT MPEG-2 Component. 720p and 1080i playback was very choppy.
* WMV using Flip4Mac WMV Import component.
* .vob on a DVD pl
* Latest Perian works with .srt subtitles.
* [[List of file formats working on Apple TV]]
* [[How to get iTunes to sync other video formats to Apple TV]]
== Wiki documentation ==
* Consult the [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Contents User's Guide] for information on using the wiki software.
* [http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Configuration_settings Configuration settings list]
* [http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:FAQ MediaWiki FAQ]
* [http://mail.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/mediawiki-announce MediaWiki release mailing list]
<div align="center"><p style="text-align: center, font-size: 8px">''[[Main_Page|The AwkwardTV Wiki]] currently contains [[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} articles]].''</p></div>

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