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==Latest News==
==Latest News==
* [[Jaman]] updated with [[AppleTV OS 2.4]] support.
* [[ATVFiles]] 1.2.1 released with [[AppleTV OS 2.4]] support.
* [[ATVFiles]] 1.2.1 released with [[AppleTV OS 2.4]] support.
* [[AtvPwn]] 2.0 [[AppleTV OS 2.4]] Support.
* [[AtvPwn]] 2.0 [[AppleTV OS 2.4]] Support.

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Latest News

  • Jaman updated with AppleTV OS 2.4 support.
  • ATVFiles 1.2.1 released with AppleTV OS 2.4 support.
  • AtvPwn 2.0 AppleTV OS 2.4 Support.
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.7.6: AppleTV OS 2.4 Support.
  • AppleTV OS 2.4 New AppleTV OS release 2.4
  • EmulatorsPlugIn 2.0: Implemented sub-folders, increased speed, fixed memory leaks
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.7.5: TVComposite installer bug fix (PAL installed properly now), File sorting (Date Modified Ascending/Descending, File Size Ascending/Descending), Settings organization, Major file browsing crash bugfix, rudimentary document viewing support (doc, rtf, txt, partial pdf support)
  • Jaman - an online movie rental site specializing in independent and foreign film - has released an updated version of their AppleTV player that lets you synch Jaman and other movies to your AppleTV
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.7.4: kernel extension manager, up/down override, TVComposite installer, remote USB patch query for future OS updates.
  • AtvPwn 1.8 Patches with authentication, bug fixes.
  • Picture Memory, version 0.5 released. This is a proof of concept.
  • SoftwareMenu 0.9.1 with a drastically improved Updater and install menu. New: Tweaks Menu, Rowmote support (virtual remote on iphone), Photo Browser, Custom screensaver and more. Photo Browser Fix
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.7.3 Individual package installer, major smart installer bug fix, custom pictures in installer section
  • PatchStickBuilder 1.0 Beta3, Multi platform application to create the free base version of Patchstick 3.0 with only a few clicks. Works now for OS X and Windows environments.
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.7.2 Services section, bug fixes, tbz installer added to smart installer + more
  • DVDpedia FrontRow and AppleTV plug-in 2.0.4 released with AppleTV 2.3.1 support.
  • Transmission on AppleTV A step-by-step guide on how to install the bit torrent client and its web interface on an Apple TV.
  • How to install SlingPlayer on AppleTV A step-by-step guide on how to install SlingPlayer on an Apple TV.
  • PatchStickBuilder 1.0 Beta, Application to create the free base version of Patchstick 3.0 with only a few clicks in a Windows environment.
  • AtvPwn 1.5 Second release, now with plugins manager. Desktop program that will download and patch a chosen AppleTV OS and scp it to your AppleTV.
  • SoftwareMenu 0.8 Works for 2.3.1. Can be used to upgrade and downgrade the OS (and patch it: no need to repatchstick). Can move from 2.0.2 to 2.3.1. Can move the order of the menu items, and still do all that it used to.
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.7.1 Compatibility bug fixes, 2.3.1 support, and more.
  • AppleTV OS 2.3.1 has been RELEASED.
  • EmulatorsPlugIn 1.4: Screen release in AppleTV 2.3, ROM artwork, more AppleScripts, file extension filtering
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.7.0 Memory management improvements, Leopard Support, UI RSS feed editing, RSS feed images, time per slide edit + more
  • LaunchMore 0.2 A new plugin that combines script engine, RSS reader, application launcher and other useful system tools

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