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XiphQT Allows the playback of Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) and .ogm files.


Download the latest decoder.


Copy the .dmg disc image to your Apple TV

scp xiph-qt-decoders-0.1.8.dmg frontrow@appletv:

Login to your Apple TV via ssh. Mount the disc image

sudo hdiutil mount xiph-qt-decoders-0.1.8.dmg

The disc image will now be mounted in your /Volumes directory. eg: /Volumes/Xiph 0.1.8/

Make the file system read-write

sudo mount -uw /

Copy the Xiph components to your /Library/Components/ directory:

sudo cp -r "/Volumes/Xiph 0.1.8/ XiphQT (decoders).component" /Library/Components/

Make the file system read-only

sudo mount -ur /

Reboot your AppleTV (Is this necessary?)

sudo reboot