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The prerequisite for this is running SSH on your AppleTV. This assumes you haven't upgraded your SSH version (which you should: Install_SSH) and therefore can only connect using SSH v1.

As I came from a Solaris and Linux background, two of the key commands I use when SSHing to a machine are

  • su
  • vi

su allows you to login as root ([1]). Ordinarily, you'd need to know the root password. Try typing the following to see what I mean:

su -

You get prompted for the root password....

On an OS X box, your administrator user has sudo rights to execute any command and therefore elevate your shell to be root:

sudo su -

You get prompted for your password.

vi is a line editor for making changes to files. On OS X, vim ([2]) is installed by default.

To copy them to your AppleTV, first find them. They are both stored under /usr/bin. If you are using a graphical SSH client, you can drag and drop them to your AppleTV (you'll need to copy them to the frontrow user directory - /Users/frontrow). If you're using the command line:

scp -1 -r /usr/bin/su frontrow@<AppleTVIPAddress>
scp -1 -r /usr/bin/vim frontrow@<AppleTVIPAddress>

Obviously replace <AppleTVIPAddress> with either the IP address or hostname of your AppleTV.

That copied the files to your AppleTV, now we need to move them to their correct location.

First, log into the AppleTV using ssh:

ssh -1 frontrow@<AppleTVIPAddress>

Then move the files to the correct location:

sudo mv ~frontrow/su /usr/bin/su
sudo mv ~frontrow/vim /usr/bin/vim

If you're used to executing vi rather than vim, create a symbolic link:

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/vim /usr/bin/vi