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BBC iPlayer

Whilst we wait for proper rtmp support in some fashion in curl or some other source, I propose a solution. Open the iPlayer page (with flash plugin) in Safari, and turn the remote into a mouse controller.

I have the mouse controller done (ish, it's clunky to use, but works)

I have NitoTV with webkit installed, so I will put Safari on, and probably have a perl script to open safari at iPlayer.

I'll report back if I get it working (for any interested UK people)

jb8748 writes:

I'm sure I've never installed WebKit on my AppleTV but it seems to be there. I've certainly been able to write a basic frappliance that will load a web page containing the RealPlayer or Flash plugin.

It is possible with a little jiggery pokery to show a webkit view in a frappliance by getting a reference to the shielding window that is used in full screen mode and setting a window to that height. I don't think I found the optimum settings but there were issues of flickering which I solved at least partially by setting the view scale to 1.1.

There's still a need to simulate mouse clicks into the webview as I haven't been able to work out how to use iPlayer URLs to put the video into a javascript controllable FLV file. I've not solved this one yet.

The biggest issue for me is that the iPlayer flash doesn't scale even if you set the plugin settings to 100% in both directions. You can set the scale mode using Javascript - I don't have the exact command with me - and on the PC this will mean the video will scale to full screen without having to use the full screen mode. However this doesn't seem to work with the Mac plugin for some reason. I thought that using NSView scaling would be able to solve the problem but the flash plugin doesn't draw directly into WebView and ignores any scale factor. If anyone can work out how to play the video in a generic flash video player or how to get the content to scale to full screen that would be really helpful.

However the biggest problem is that, as I understand it, the licence agreement for the Flash plugin specifically prohibits its installation on set-top boxes and games consoles and the like. A frappliance for Front Row on the Mac should be OK but use on the AppleTV is likely to be a breach of the EULA.