How to put your USB-HDD to sleep

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I am using an 1 tb HDD on my ATV as a backup medium for all our computers and I was wondering why it wasn't going to sleep.

However, HDDs need sleep just as humans do. Otherwise the die of heatstroke or something ;-) ...


Set up power-management for the ATV

1. start the and enter

mac$ ssh frontrow@appletv.local

2. the AppleTV will respond and you should be able to logon with frontrow's password which is... frontrow

Welcome to the AppleTV (via atv-usbcreator)
frontrow@appletv.local's password:

3. you simply need to edit a .plist-file in the preference-folder

atv$ sudo nano /library/preferences/systemconfiguration/

You will be promted for the frontrow-password once more.

4. change the line after

<key>Disk Sleep Timer</key>





where x is the idle-time in minutes after the HDDs will get spinned down (i.e. 10).

3. save the file with <ctrl>-o , <enter> and exit nano with <ctrl>-x

4. exit the ssh-session

atv$ exit

and 5. exit the Terminal

mac$ exit