How To 'Enable' Mouse Cursor/Pointer on the AppleTV

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Background Info

Well as we know, Apple has disabled mouse pointer in Apple TV. But this can be easily 'enabled' via this hack, that is mainly used for fixing the ATI Tearing Issue found on Mac OS X86 boxes. But then this trick enables mouse pointer/cursor on Apple TV.


  • Apple TV
  • A real Macintosh, preferably Intel Macintosh, but PowerPC Macs will do fine
  • System Preferences installed on the Apple TV
  • Pacifist
  • MouseLocator
  • prasys' Blank/Fixed Cursor Png

La How-To

1. First of all , get MouseLocator 1.1 from [1] here. Use Pacifist to extract the System Preferences panel thingy. Then get my [prasys'] fixed PNG image from [2]. Save it

2. Now copy the prefspanel [MouseLocator] to ~/LIbrary/PreferencePanes or /Library/PreferencePanes [If you dont have one , just create it]. Now that is done

3. Our next step is to copy MouseLocator.png to ~/Users/frontrow/Pictures

4. Then Run System Preferences , then select Mouse Locator . Now select Turn on and put a check on always Turn On. Voila , if you do it correctly , you should have a cursor. If you want to disable it , its simple . You could just turn it off