Hardware Modification Prerequisites

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At the moment, it is necessary to open the Apple TV if you want to try any of the hacks that are floating around (which likely will void your warranty). Of course, everyone is looking for a way to get "into" the box software-wise without opening it ;-)

In the meantime, you'll need

   * Apple TV
   * Torx set (specifically #8,#10)
   * USB drive enclosure 44pin, 2.5inch
   * Storage to hold backup image
   * Control the Apple TV remotely, e.g. by SSH or ARD 
   * Backup program
   * Anti-Static Wrist-strap or related (to be safe)
   * Electricity
   * Steady hands
   * Nerves of steal
   * Cunning Wit
   * No significant other nagging you or competing for your attention
   * Jolt / Caffeine gum
   * If using PC - Intelligence way above the average PC user
   * If using Mac - then you are already (obviously) way above the average PC user