Hardware Modification Prerequisites

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At the moment, it is necessary to open the Apple TV (which likely will void your warranty). Of course, everyone is looking for a way to get "into" the box software-wise without opening it ;-)

In the meantime, you'll need

   * Apple TV
   * Torx set (specifically #8,#10)
   * USB drive enclosure 44pin, 2.5inch
   * Storage to hold backup image
   * Control the Apple TV remotely, e.g. by SSH or ARD 
   * Backup program
   * Anti-Static Wrist-strap or related (to be safe)
   * Electricity
   * Steady hands
   * Nerves of steal
   * Cunning Wit
   * No significant other nagging you or competing for your attention
   * Jolt / Caffeine gum
   * If using PC - Intelligence way above the average PC user
   * If using Mac - then you are already (obviously) way above the average PC user