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I have enabled USB with turbos kernel, and the XBOX HD-DVD drive we all know is identified in OS X. The light on the drive is lit when the ATV USB is enabled thats how I know Apple TV is at least seeing it and it powers up. What luck will we have getting DVD Player.app to play normal DVDs in the drive? What work has been done unencrypting HDDVDs with the XBOX drive? Will that enable some playback as it is ripped/streamed realtime? g0d I hope so.

The reason I brought it up is the xbox interface sucks, and this is just a USB DVD drive so it could work with some ingenuity. Also, powering up the Xbox takes all day. The AppleTV is always on. I already have the HDDVD drive in the living room anyway, so this would be sweet.

UPDATE I copied over my DVD Player.app to Apple TV and it doesnt do anything. Surprise Surprise. I am waiting for someone with more knowledge than I have, to start work on this. I have booted the USB-enable patched mach_kernel.prelink and now have USB devices recognized. How will DVD Player.app be supported? only by running os x mini? someone answer this please. 4-16-2007

Did u copy across the relevant frameworks eg. /System/Library/Frameworks/DVDPlayback.framework ??

You folks may want to take a gander into the Disk Utility app. That might lead to some answers. Do the HD DVDs mount on the Desktop or even show up in Disk Utility? I am wondering whether the ATV OSX even has an optical drive kext. Hope this leads to some more information!

Has anybody got this drive working on a real mac? Is there anybody working on it?


It looks like work has been done stitching all of the different requirements under linux but its far from pretty and included in the series of requirements and steps is a step that actually has the user dump the HD-DVD data from the DVD to the HD (all 30 GB of it) before it can be played... Not for the faint of heart, not by a long-shot :lol:

Silly wiki doesn't allow for normal embedded html so here is the link: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/BluRayAndHDDVD


Here is a basic laundry list of what we'd need before we'd be able to view HD-DVD movies with a HD-DVD drive.

1 - An HD DVD drive

2 - A UDF 2.5 filesystem driver (no small task - look to Apple eventually)

     Someone should try this.   http://www.softarch.com/press/readdvdIntel.htm
     SAI ReadDVD for Mac OS X is a UDF driver for Mac OS X
     ReadDVD! v1.3 supports UDF versions 1.5, 2.0. 20.1, 2.5 and 2.6

3 - A current subversion release of MPlayer (not too hard for OS X)

4 - A current subversion release of FFMPEG (not too hard for OS X)

For DRM Movies (basicly ALL MOVIES) you'll need:

1a - DumpHD this performs the decryption necessary to play the film.

1b - 30GB of drive space to hold the movie

1c - Patients while this step takes place

2 - A current keydb.cfg file, a decryption key for the film you are trying to play

I don't know what the status is of DumpHD on OS X but since we don't (to the best of my knowledge) have a UDF 2.5 filesystem driver it doesn't really matter...