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I've decided to put together a general tvOS jailbreak FAQ since I've been answering a lot of the same questions.
I've decided to put together a general tvOS jailbreak FAQ since I've been answering a lot of the same questions.
'''1: Why jailbreak?'''
'''1: Why jailbreak?'''

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tvOS Jailbreak FAQ

I've decided to put together a general tvOS jailbreak FAQ since I've been answering a lot of the same questions.

1: Why jailbreak?

By far the most frequent question I get. The most frequent answer other people give is "kodi" and things of that nature. While kodi is very popular I think what is more important is the ability to unlock a lot more potential in your tvOS device. There aren't a lot of tweaks or third party applications available, but we will host stuff that apple would never allow you to download. i.e. Provenance, tuyu (my WIP youtube replacement), and pretty much any other open source apps I find / people recommend off of github et al.

TBH there aren't tons of things you can do yet, but you do have a full featured and stable jailbreak across SEVERAL versions. So there is a potential user base around it. The community still needs to be built up. So with some patience I believe you will have some really cool stuff to play with in the near future.

As we wrap up the important things on our todo list we will be able to refocus our energy on getting some of our cool ideas in the pipeline out the door, and maybe that will inspire people to write something cool!

2: What versions can i jailbreak?

On the 4th generation AppleTV you can jailbreak: 10.2.2 -> 11.3 using backr00m On the 4K AppleTV you can jailbreak 11.1-11.3 using backr00m or electraTV

3: Do i have to re-sign every 7 days with free account?

Yes, but fortunately you should not need to reboot as often, or get as many kernel panics as we used to get in 10.1->10.2.2 with greeng0blin.

4: Is it / ETA untethered?

There is an untether vuln floating around, I don't know if anyone is working on implementing it.

5: Why isnt youTube working on 10.x?

I assume it's some kind of jailbreak detection OR a bug in meridian jailbreakd implementation, I have some ideas on how to fix this and will be working on it soon once I get my 10.2.2 box in the mail tomorrow. I'm holding my other 3 models at their current versions right now for safety and sanity reasons. I have some ideas to test tomorrow and will keep this page updated with any updates.

6: Can i upgrade to 11.x?

You can only update to 11.3 on the 4th generation AppleTV and ONLY if you saved blobs when they were still saving. use instructions on backr00m page to do so. Currently only 10.2.2->11.3 updates are possible, I hope to fix 11.1->11.3 soon.

7: When ETA ext3nder?

Apparently ext3nder uses a VPN to work for some reason, I have no idea why. From what I understanding setting up a VPN on the AppleTV is a massive hassle / PITA. There are too many other things that are much more important on my list then this, I'll get to it when I have literally nothing else to work on.

8: How do i install ipas on 4K?

I don't have any personal experience here, I will update this page later today with some links I have collected related to the subject matter.

9: Can i downgrade 4K?

Nope, no USB port == no way to downgrade. Maybe someday someone will discover a way around this, but I HIGHLY doubt it. No USB is the main reason I recommend buying the 4th generation instead.

10: Why cant i set nonce on 11.1 to futurerestore?

When I put together backr00m I wasn't aware that nvram settings were locked in electra and it required setting them through the UI. I will address this in the next update of backr00m