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current version: 0.2
release date: December 17th, 2010
author: Brandon Holland


a VNC server for AppleTV 2G. Now available in nitoTV featured section!

Change Log

0.2 Key navigation support (same as frontrow keys) arrow keys = up, down, left, right. Return = Play, Esc = Menu.

0.1 Initial Release

Install Package Instructions

ssh root@apple-tv.local
dpkg -i


killall -9 Lowtide


killall -9 AppleTV

Screen Shots

Screen one

Known Issues

Currently this grabs the screen similar to the old screenshot method [BRWindow rootLayer] instead of IOSurface, this has some pros and cons. Pro: works without HDMI Con: no CG graphics (transparencies, screen savers etc)

Working Clients

Chicken of the VNC

Currently Unsupported Clients

Mac OS X Screen Sharing
Apple Remote Desktop