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Depictions on nitoTV use JSON, unlike on Cydia where depictions are web views.


The format of nitoTV depictions is in the format of a standard JSON file, which can be seen in the depiction for Tuyu:

  "LongDescription" : "tvOS port of tuyu for iOS. View featured videos, sign in to your account, view all account playlists and channels subscriptions, extremely powerful search with channel and playlist support.",
  "MainTextColor" : "FFFFFF",
  "BackgroundColor" : "e62d27",
  "FlowcaseIconURL" : "",
  "AppIconURL" : "tuyu_logo.png",
  "BackgroundImageURL" : "tuyu_bg.jpg",
  "Screenshots" : [




LongDescription is simply the description of your app/tweak that you would like shown on the package info page.


MainTextColor is the color of the title, author, section, and description sections of the package info page. It uses hex color codes.


White: "MainTextColor" : "00FFFF",

Gray: "MainTextColor" : "D3D3D3",

Black: "MainTextColor" : "000000",

It's recommended to change the text color to contrast well with your chosen background color/image.


BackgroundColor can be used instead of a background image. Setting the background color to a color would make the entire background that color, pretty straightforward.

Your set color cannot be seen if you have a BackgroundImage.


FlowcaseIconURL the icon that will be displayed in the TopShelf of nitoTV. However, only nitoTV can chose what is put in the TopShelf for now, so this is useless for most people.

It will default to the AppIconURL if no URL is specified.


AppIconURL is the image for (you guessed it) the icon that's displayed on the package info page.

It's recommended this image be a 3:1 aspect ratio and at least 400px*240px.


BackgroundImageURL is the URL for the image that fills the whole screen behind all the text. This overwrites BackgroundColor.

It's recommended this image be a 16:9 aspect ratio and at least 1920*1080px.


Screenshots are the screenshots that display on the bottom of the package info page. There can be as many screenshots as desired.

It's recommended these images be a 16:9 aspect ratio.