Debian on Apple TV

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This guide show you how to install most debian based distros (ubuntu, xubuntu, kubuntu, debian itself...) on the appletv, these instructions can be adapted for any distro if you know what's you're doing. This howto is based on mythic beasts instructions and on my personal experience on the forums.


  • A linux box, possibly debian based, or any distro that runs debootstrap
  • Torx screwdrivers if you want the easy way, to install linux directly to the atv hard drive
  • A usb->ide adapter for 2.5" hard drives or a 3.5" to 2.5 cable converter to connect the hd internally in any pc.
  • Optionally you can use a patchstick to modify the appletv without opening the case, but you'll have to integrate info from here but you're on your own, the easyest way to install linux through this method is to "dd" a premade image from the stick to the aTV hd.