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About Darwin

As Apple advertises, Mac OS X is built on a "secure, reliable, Open Source foundation", namely Darwin.

We want to use this system. There are a couple of reasons why Darwin is great:

  • It can read and write HFS+ Journaled natively
  • Mac and Apple TV users are familiar with the workings of the system
  • There is lots of Open Source applications available, including a graphical X desktop

This page

As there is little information left since the OpenDarwin project (which is NOT to be confused with the Darwin project itself) closed, this page is here in order to collect information on how to practically use Darwin.

The first goal will be to install Darwin on a USB drive and boot a generic PC from there. This serves as a starting point for further projects based on Darwin.

Please note that this page is about 100% legitimate uses of the Darwin Open Source system only.

Installing Darwin on USB drive and boot generic PC from there

This is not working yet. Any help is greatly appreciated.

1. Get Darwin 8.0.1 ISO for i386 from Apple
2. Mount ISO
3. Copy /usr /bin /sbin /System /Library /private /cores /mach_kernel from ISO to USB drive
4. Bless USB drive and set partition active
5. Change Boot.plist 
5. Boot