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DalesDeadBug Install unsupported applications on tvOS 10.2.2
Current Version: 1.0-2

Release date: July 28th 2018
Current as of: July 28th 2018

DalesDeadBug is an open source tweak that allows you to install applications such as Amazon Prime on tvOS 10.2.2. It can enable downloading other applications that don't support 10.2.2 as well but they are likely to crash without additional work being done.

This tweak is Copyright © 2018 nito llc. All Rights Reserved.



  • Works with the new jailbreakd based jailbreaks
  • Version spoofing can be toggled on and off to allow older application versions to be installed


  • Bug fixes, additional app support


  • Initial release

Install Instructions

1. Jailbreak with Backr00m

2. Install via NitoTV_Take_4

3. Toggle on or off in Settings - > Tweaks - > DalesDeadBug

4. Install unsupported apps through the official App Store (ie amazon prime)

5. Enjoy!

Settings Screen Shots


Source Code

DalesDeadBug repo