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I have a working patchstick that I have used on my appleTV take 2. Here is what I did, and what you will need to do to patch your appleTV. I will be adding other functions to his patchstick as I develop it so check back for added features. Also, to create the patchstick I had to run Mac OS 10.4, this will not work with 10.5. Sorry. (Edit: It is possible to do it on Leopard using Joda's instructions on Patchstick/Leopard)

(Unofficial update: if you have a mounted Tiger partition handy, e.g. a Tiger install DVD, then Reid's version of createPatchStick will find the Tiger partition(s) and ask if you want to copy the files from them, in turn.)

First off as most of you know, the patchstick needs a bootefi, so make sure you download this file, and make sure it stays mounted on your desktop during this process.

Now download this file and extract it to your desktop.

Now open terminal and change the directory so you are inside the patchstick folder you just copied to your desktop

$ cd ~/Desktop/Patchstick

now it's time to make the patch stick, plug in a USB thumbdrive with nothing on it THIS WILL DELETE ALL DATA ON THE THUMBDRIVE

go back to terminal and type

$ sudo ./createPatchstick

type your user name password

Find which disk number the thumbdrive is. THIS IS IMPORTANT, SELECTION OF WRONG DRIVE COULD ERASE DATA.

The type

$ sudo ./createPatchstick /dev/diskX (where X is the number for the correct drive)

Follow the instructions, when done you now can remove the drive and plug it into the back of your appleTV. Hold the menu and (-) button until the appleTV reboots. Let the patchStick run. Once it's done remove the patchstick, and disconnect power from the appleTV for a second so that it reboots. Now you have an SSH enabled appleTV with the Take 2 update.

To connect to you appleTV SSH in as you would have normally. (Use ssh -1 frontrow@ipaddress if your connection is closed or refused with ssh frontrow@ipaddress.)

You might have to remove the old key on your mac, to do so open terminal and type

$ rm .ssh/known_hosts

This work was made possible by all the people who have worked on developing the PatchStick for the appleTV. The patchstick is truly amazing, and I appreciate all the work done to create it.