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Couch Surfer is a native web browser for the Apple TV written using the WebKit rendering engine. You can scroll through web pages and even interact with them! It also supports web plugins like flash


The simplest way to install it on the Apple TV is to use aTV Flash

You can also install Couch Surfer on your SSH enabled Apple TV by following the steps below.

  • Download the Couch Surfer Apple TV Plugin here
  • Transfer it to the AppleTV vis SSH
  • Navigate to the place you'v copied it to:
cd /Users/frontrow/
  • Extract it:
tar -xvzpf couchsurfer-0.6-2x.tgz
  • Move the extracted plugin to the proper place
mv CouchSurfer.frappliance /System/Library/CoreServices/
  • Make sure it has the correct ownerships
sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/CoreServices/
  • Restart the Finder (or the AppleTV entirely)
kill `ps ax | grep | grep -v grep | sed -e 's/[[:blank:]]*//' | sed -e 's/[[:blank:]].*//'`


After installation, you will have the new item Couch Surfer in the Front Row main menu.

SubMenus in version 0.6 are:

  • Enter address
  • Google Search
  • Bookmarks (bases on /Users//frontrow/Library/Application\ Support/CouchSurfer/Bookmarks.plist)
  • History
  • Settings : Show Header
  • About

Usage with the Remote is very intuitive.

WebKit Browser

A webkit is also available for download at the same URL where you find Couch Surfer. It provides:


I suppose it adds JavaScript functionality to the browser. Backup the old WebKit and update the frameworks:

mv /System/Library/Frameworks/WebKit.framework /Users/frontrow/Documents/
mv webkit-525-frameworks/*.framework /System/Library/Frameworks/


By downloading, installing or otherwise using Couch Surfer, you hereby agree to the Couch Surfer EULA.