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Move /System/Library/Quicktime/QuicktimeMPEG2.component to the AppleTV and restart. Tested playing a VOB file from a DVD. Video was extremely choppy but I believe that was because the file was being played from a AFP share mounted across my crappy wireless network.

Note: I've also tried the Apple MPEG-2 codec, but am getting very choppy video over a 100Mbit wired connection (NFS server). It's bad :( I can't tell the different between the wired and wireless playback attempts.

libavcodec based QuickTime Media Decompressor component. Support mp4v, MPEG-4 Video Media. This compoent overrides default Apple MPEG-4 decoder compoent. Support some MPEG-4 ASP features, including B-frame with Open/Closed GOP. And also supports PostProcess feature as De-block filter. Source codes are included, and free software under GPL V2. Uses libavcodec.a and others from ffmpeg SVN-8633.

  • avc1Decoder Advanced AVC/H.264 decoder for Quicktime (based on ffmpeg-SVN’s libavcodec)
Can anyone confirm if avc1Decoder still plays back content at 5000kbps on the appleTV? My guess is that this codec would only
be using the CPU and not the nvidia card, and therefore would only be able to handle less bitrate content.

Codec working with Apple TV

Above is a list of Codec Sources for a List of file formats working on Apple TV follow the link

General info on QuickTime Components for Mac OS X