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(Added note about MPEG-2 experience)
(EyeTV MPEG Importer Component)
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* [http://www.xiph.org/quicktime/ Vorbis and Theora] support (OGG).
* [http://www.xiph.org/quicktime/ Vorbis and Theora] support (OGG).
* [http://www.elgato.com Elgato's EyeTV included MPEG Importer Component] which seems to be based on ffmpeg (have a look at it with 0xED), which plays MPEG2 nicely. Perhaps it could be modified to work on the ATV.

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  • Combo pack which includes Perian, WMV and AC3 components. CAUTION: Web page disses Perian.

Move /System/Library/Quicktime/QuicktimeMPEG2.component to the AppleTV and restart. Tested playing a VOB file from a DVD. Video was extremely choppy but I believe that was because the file was being played from a AFP share mounted across my crappy wireless network.

Note: I've also tried the Apple MPEG-2 codec, but am getting very choppy video over a 100Mbit wired connection (NFS server). It's bad :( I can't tell the different between the wired and wireless playback attempts.