Beginners Guide for 2.x

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Beginners Guide for Take 2

For the Beginner

One very annoyed wife and 6 hours later, safe to report that we're nowhere near having ATV take 2.0 sorted into a Beginners Guide. I have SSH working, but AFP / USB storage is a no no. Can't really work out why at this stage.

--Simplicity 00:36, 21 February 2008 (CET)

How to make a SSH patchstick for Take2

For those of us trying to compile this page

I am currently gathering up everything being posted in the forums into a simple procedure to allow the following:-

1) Start with Stock ATV with standard update 2.0 firmware

2) Patchstick 2.0 to allow SSH

3) Enable AFP

4) Enable external USB storage

5) Install plugins

Things I am waiting for

Sapphire plugin for ATV2.

No info on getting AFP working. Will look at alternative to drag / drop files.

I do not use AFP (i am a windows user. For me does Winscp the drag / drop job:

Useful Links

If anyone would like to offer useful forum / wiki links or quotes, please do so below.

Install Perian

ATVFiles for ATV2 thread

The whole big ATV2 release discussion thread

Good Stuff on AFP in the above thread

Making at 2.0 Patchstick

That pesky master.passwd error when using the Patchstick - how do you mount Patchstick root again?

Error at Patchstick creation like cp: cannot overwrite directory /Volumes/Patchstick-root/ ......

Run this in the Terminal:-

    sudo rm -R /Volumes/Patchstick-root