Beginners Guide for 2.x

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Beginners Guide for Take 2

For the Beginner

We're not quite there yet. I am testing everything and working pretty hard to get a simple beginners guide for 2.0 up. Please bear with me, you know it will be worth it. I hope to have the same results as from the first guide - which is, to have external USB storage enabled, be able to see the ATV on your network and drop files to it like any other networked computer, play all media types - as well as have full 2.0 functionality (rent and play HD movies, AirTunes, etc).

--Simplicity 13:13, 17 February 2008 (CET)

For those of us trying to compile this page

I am currently gathering up everything being posted in the forums into a simple procedure to allow the following:-

1) Start with Stock ATV with standard update 2.0 firmware

2) Patchstick 2.0 to allow SSH

3) Enable AFP

4) Enable external USB storage

5) Install plugins

If anyone would like to offer useful forum / wiki links or quotes, please do so below.

Useful Links