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I just wanted to highlight an issue you may come across, site policy would bind me to remove all information regarding the installation of SSH, but I'm pretty sure you'd all have a fit.

The Mac OS X SLA clearly mentions that you may only install the operating system on one (1) Apple labeled computer. Points of note:

  • The AppleTV is arguably not a computer, but a consumer electronic device, in the same vein as an iPod.
  • You may not install the software on more than one computer. Even if the AppleTV is considered a computer, you may not use the version of sshd you have on your Intel Mac on the AppleTV, unless you have entirely removed the operating system from your Intel Mac as the license refers to the 'Apple Software' as a collective of all the software on the system and accompanying media.

Potential Solution

It should be absolutely possible to compile a version of sshd using the publicly available source on the Apple website for OpenSSH and OpenSSL. It would be perfectly acceptable for someone to compile a legitimate version and then to provide binaries along with the source code to the public.