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This is a place for people who want to make the Apple TV even more awesome than it is already out of the box.

Talk of the town is that people have started buying Apple TV because of this project who hadn't even considered it before. There are said to be sales guys pointing to this project when asked by potential customers, "will it play XYZ?". We want Apple to succeed with the ATV, and to sell more!

No company in the world can build all the features into a product that users might want right from the beginning. But given Apple's proven track record of building great improvements right into the next version, we see enormous potential. In this spirit, we hope that Apple will eventually release a developer kit, or a guide for embedded applications. Especially since the Apple TV stands on the shoulders of giants.

By the way, opening the box voids warranty. That should be clear.

Legitimate discussion only

The AwkwardTV intends to expand the value of the Apple TV by finding new uses for it in legitimate ways.

Since users have asked for some explanation, here are some examples. Those are in no way comprehensive, and should not be considered legal advice, but should give you a good overall understanding what this project is all about and what it is not.

Examples of legitimate activities include:

  • Expanding Open Source drivers and applications, e.g., from the Darwin project
  • Porting Linux to the Apple TV
  • Describing the behavior of the Apple TV
  • Finding and fixing bugs
  • Improving compatibility
  • ...

Examples of activities that must probably be considered not legitimate and hence will not be tolerated include:

  • Conducting or reporting about activities that might void your End User License Agreement(s)
  • Making accessible material that is not licensed for distribution
  • Disseminating knowledge that was acquired in a way that might violate any laws, especially copyright
  • ...

Should you encounter such material, remove it immediately, as it is a violation of this site's policy.

Users are responsible for their postings

All postings and comments are property of the users that posted them.

Legal Disclaimer

See our legal disclaimer for details.